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Use a variety of custom-sided dice & unique gameplay to drive, chip, putt, slice, and hook your way around player-designed golf courses.

Take turns choosing a die and rolling to see how far your ball flies. Successful rolls keep you traveling through the air, and you must keep rolling and moving until you fail! Choose wisely, as the wrong club will put you far in the rough.

Use bonus and ability cards while dealing with terrain, in a race to the green.

Do you have what it takes to get a Roll in One?

What's Inside

- 6 custom polyhedral dice (golf clubs). Custom sides vary each die’s purpose.
- 9 two-sided multi-hex course boards. Construct countless holes easily + quickly.
- 5 golf ball player tokens
- 29 Caddie and 8 Golfer cards
- First player marker and 15 penalty tokens
- 40 page scorepad, plus a golf pencil


RollInOne_Rules.pdf 8.6 MB