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You knew it would happen. You pulled it off, but now they’re coming for you. You’re all in this together: driver, passengers, the guns haphazardly strewn about the car interior, the item in the trunk.

Your pursuers will fall like dominoes, but only if you get ‘em in the right order. Don’t stress, but don’t hesitate; time’s limited. Good luck, and seeya when you arrive!


The Getaway is a social programming game in which 2-4 players must collaborate to fend off a field of cars, trucks and motorcycles bent on preventing their escape. An array of vehicles surround the players’ car, and when you shoot them they explode, causing collateral damage in various directions, potentially causing chains of destruction.

Each round exchange cards, making a plan to deal with the situation. When time runs out, learn how good the plan was, and whether collateral damage instead ends your escape plans.

Survive unique rivals, special moments like drawbridges and spike strips, take out boss vehicles (perhaps a helicopter or a tank) and make your Getaway!


Deep in the testing phase! The game's fun now!

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